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WTF? Kid falls off chairlift from 45 feet up

WTF? Kid falls off chairlift from 45 feet up

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

Chucking snowballs at your mates and generally goofing around is totally harmless. Except when you’re 45 feet above the ground, on a chairlift in New Mexico, with the safety bar up.

Watch as this kid hang tries to hang on for dear life before tumbling to the ground below. Rumour has it that he suffered from concussion, skull fracture, a collapsed lung, and a lacerated liver but has since been discharged from hospital. Don’t go the way of this muppet, put the bar down people!

  1. ZM

    This guy was lucky, very lucky. On Friday morning a British girl died in Italy after falling off a chairlift. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-21557838

  2. MD

    I’m really glad you’re covering stuff like this. My girl gets annoyed when pro’s shoot vids without helmets as it’s sending a message to ‘the kids’ that you don’t need one, or that it’s not cool to wear one. I get that it’s totally down to your choice as an individual to wear one or not (I love mine and am super glad I have it!) but what with these young impressionable minds with their Google EyePhones, Playboxes and Facenovels, it’s good to remind them that shit gets scary on a mountain. Shit gets awesome. But shit gets scary too. Especially if you’re a fuckin idiot like the guy above.

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