Winter X Games 2013: Halldor Helgason is alive (and rocking a sexy neck brace)!

Halldor Helgason is a champion. Last Saturday during X Games Big Air, after throwing down some ever-stylish tricks including his epic Lobster Flip 1260 and his rad double frontside rodeo, Halldor stepped up and showed the world how he refuses to give a fuck by hucking a massive triple backflip straight onto his head. As you’ll see from the ‘Mega Mo’ replay in the video below, it was a proper brutal slam and left him knocked out and motionless on the landing. Thankfully, he only suffered a concussion and got to get back into the flattering neck brace┬áthat he keeps finding himself in. Good job he’d been wearing his actual helmet rather than these comedy pink ones eh?

Like a true boss, he also managed to get his infamous penis tattoo on camera while he was being dragged off in a bloodwagon (skip to 00:39):

We’re glad to hear he’s alive and well and we’re sure he’ll be back feeding us a slew of new edits in no time.