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Denis Leontyev and fellow Russian gypsies at Windells

Denis Leontyev and fellow Russian gypsies at Windells

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

More whirlybird jibbing from Denis Leontyev and his ‘Russian gypsies’ at Windells. We haven’t heard of the other two riders, Evgeniy Joon Ivanov and Dimitry Kopchik Koltsov, and we sure as hell can’t pronounce their names either, but they hold it down for the motherland along with Mr. Leontyev.

Look out for the backside and switch backside 450-ons from Denis and some huge gaps onto the rails. Sure, his style isn’t for everyone but there’s no question that he’s got skills on that ol’ snowboard.

How could we not mention the music in this – some erm, interesting Ruskie hip hop. And while we’re on the subject of interesting Russians, here are 16 of the most homoerotic photos of their president, Vladamir Putin


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