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Avalanche Sharks: the new terror of the mountains!

Avalanche Sharks: the new terror of the mountains!

Another dubious masterpiece has rolled off the production line at the SyFy Channel, and the imminent release of Avalanche Sharks is currently causing a sharknado of a storm on the internet. Here’s the trailer, which pretty much tells you all you’ll need to know about the plot. Our editor summed it up pretty well as “Tremors meets Jaws meets Out Cold“.

After Jaws: The Revenge, Deep Blue Sea, Sharktopus and Sharknado, fin-related films seem to be marching on an exponential path of ridiculousness. Could this be the new high water (or shark-infested snow) mark?

If you’d prefer to see an even lower-budgeted version, we’ve got you covered. Alternatively – check out the Russian soldiers on the frontline of the snow shark battle. They claim they were trying to dislodge this avalanche, but now we all know what they were really aiming for…:

  1. Minus9 Andy

    That looks better than “Snow Shark”. It also answers the question: What do porno actors and actresses when they finish doing porn?

  2. nikki

    Is this ment to be a comedy or horror, even Abbie who is 12 was in stitches, but she wants to go see it,(typical) told her only if she doesnt laugh as loud as she just did :)

  3. Jessie Metz

    I’d watch it…Cheesy low budget movie about sharks and snowboarding. I’m in!

    1. nikki

      ill pay you to take my daughter Abbie with you

  4. Phil

    Wow! No words can describe…

  5. Jong Suk - Baik

    I agree 2

  6. rondo souldado

    i agree

  7. grimey scarecrow

    that looks absolutely terrible!!

    1. greg jesick

      spot on sir

    2. irony police

      surely you don’t think that?


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