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Kaitlyn Farrington & Jamie Anderson - Gold on Mt Weird!

Kaitlyn Farrington & Jamie Anderson - Gold on Mt Weird!

One of the contradictions seen at the Sochi Olympics was the fact that two of the biggest medals in mainstream snowboarding were won by riders for one of the most offbeat brands out there – Gnu.

Gnu’s boards are made at Mervin Manufacturing, along with Lib Tech, “near Canada” in a remote corner of Washington State. We paid them a visit a while back, and were stoked to see grizzled riders sculpting boards with real passion for what they do. There was some concern last year when Quiksilver sold them off, but they’re still doing their thing – and boosted in no small way by the successes of Kaitlyn Farrington and Jamie Anderson in Russia.

The golden girls have now made this video to thank not only the good folk that make their boards, but those that get them into the shops too. It’s also a reminder of how friction’ good they both are. As Gnu say, there is gold on Mt. Weird!

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