10 of the Best Resorts for Backcountry 2013-14

Top 10 resorts for riding backcountry

Last season was a pretty special one in the Alps, with enough snow spewed out to see most of Europe basking in mounds of the good stuff.  With those days of freshies still on our minds, we’re waiting with bated breath to see if we’ll get a repeat for the 2013/14 season. But just in case things don’t quite turn out like they did last year, here are 10 resorts from around the world that should stand you in pretty good stead for powder bowls and pillow lines regardless.

  1. jacksons hole

    seriously? arlberg, alyeska, stevens pass, revlestoke, portes du soleil? la grave? none on there? come on guys, is this a paid for by the tourist board list?

  2. Mati_E

    Noone in the British Columbia ?
    Revelstoke ???

  3. Jamie Neale

    Kicking Horse would be on my list.

  4. Flanker

    Baker gets tracked out in minutes. Unless you are down with the locals who can show you the Arm, Hemispheres, Table, or Herman, you aren’t going to get much slackcountry action in. Still, if you time it right you can get nipple deep turns in a few inbound areas for an hour or so in the morning after a storm cycle (1 foot a day for days on end… watch oot for tree wells though).

  5. Paul Lalley
  6. Paul Lalley

    The only resort missing from this list is Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir. For the wildest ride of your life, try something different and come ride the Himalayas. Contact K-Line Himalayan Adventure Sports for more information.

Niels Schack

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