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Seppe Smits

Seppe Smits

Now despite being ‘on the continent’, we share more than our Flemish cousins that a love for Beer, well light motorways and a general distaste of the French: They, like us are afflicted by the lack of mountains and snow on their 30,000 KM2 patch of Europe.

Like Nicholls, Billy Morgan and Mr Turnbull: Seppe grew up riding the fridges of Belgium. We’re not entirely sure how high the roofs of Belgian snowdomes are (or how strong the floor is…ahem…), but Seppe has been making his mark on the Slopestyle scene since 2007. Racking up appearances at the Burton NZ Open, Burton European Open, Wangl Tangl and Billabong Air & Style.

He snatched his first podium at the O’Neill Pleasure Jam in 2008 and has been gracing podiums across the world ever since. As the underdog in the whole Mark McMorris vs Seb Toots vs Ståle Sandbech battle that rages at most competitions, it was incredible to see Seppe stomp the first ever Cab 1440 at the Billabong Air and Style in 2011. Somehow this didn’t get Seppe the top spot which, in this writer’s opinion, is a controversial decision to this day.

He then took a well-deserved bronze medal at the World Snowboarding Championships in Olso, taking out Eric Beauchamin with his run. If you ever look back at the footage from the qualifiers of the WSC, in one of his runs, Seppe sends it to the absolute bottom of the landing and still managed to stomp the living daylights out of his trademark 1260.

Seppe is genuinely one of the nicest and most under-rated guys on the tour. He spends a lot of time with his brothers, one of whom is a shaper at Flauchwinkl and runs a pretty hilarious blog called the life of lamas.


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