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Peetu Piiroinen

Peetu Piiroinen

Peetu Piiroinen is shit hot at snowboarding. Seriously, he’s been the number one rider on the TTR world tour and the Burton Open Series for four consecutive years and at the age of 22 he won a silver medal in halfpipe at the Vancouver Olympic games.

The young Finn is set to be a contender in Sochi and is one of a handful of riders who could knock the flying tomato off of his pedestal. He’s also got slopestyle skills, coming third at the Tignes X Games in 2013, and stars in Burton’s upcoming Resort (Snowboarding) video. Will he do the double at Sochi and get gold in slopestyle and halfpipe? If anyone other than Shaun White can do it, it’s Peetu.

Peetu has been competing since 1995. Nowadays he is considered a podium hopeful in any event he enters. Peetu is often referred to as the next big thing but we reckon he’s already up there, after all you don’t get much more successful than getting an Olympic medal do you?! With a humble and quiet attitude, Peetu simply loves snowboarding and works well under the pressure of international competition.

In the past he’s broken ribs and hurt shoulders whilst competing in the X games. Not only did he go on to come third in that competition but in true hard man style he also went on to win the Billabong Air and Style a month later. The man’s a machine! As part of the Nike team Peetu is starring in the Never Not video and is set to be at the forefont of professional snowboarding for years to come.


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