TSA Announce January Sales

OK so we know January sales might not be everyone’s cup of tea – personally I can’t stand the heaving crowds, the screaming babies and the sight of marriages breaking up around me as couples argue over which flatscreen or washing machine to buy. But here’s one that we reckon will get even the most cynical mall-haters amongst you excited.

The Snowboard Asylum are putting every item of snowboard outerwear in all 13 of their shops on sale, offering a chunky 25 per cent discount. The same offer is going on online too. If you’re looking to kit yourself out with new snowboard togs this winter, this is probably one of the cheapest chances you’ll get. But the offer only lasts for ten days, so you’ll need to be quick and get yourself to a shop or on to their website before January 15th to take advantage. Find out where your nearest store is at the TSA website here, and happy shopping!

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