New ‘invisibility’ wetsuit protects surfers against sharks

We kid you not. According to the Guardian, Australian scientists have helped to develop a range of wetsuits that are supposed to make you ‘invisible’ to sharks.

Working with wetsuit designers SAMs (Shark Attack Mitigation Systems) scientists have discovered that sharks are colour blind and have created a wet suit called the ‘Elude’ that camouflages the wearer by making them blend into the sea environment.

The team have also created a suit to scare sharks away called the ‘Diverter’ which is supposed to mimic nature’s warning signs that something is not good to eat. Its striped pattern makes you look like the surfing equivalent of zebra. While this striped pattern might be enough to scare off some humans, it doesn’t seem like it would work too well against lions. That being said, we have yet to see a shark take down a zebra so science might be on to something….

The suits retail at $495 but worryingly have not been tested on humans yet, any volunteers?

If you are wondering why shark proof suits are so important to the Whitelines crew you clearly know nothing about Snow Shark! We haven’t been able to sleep for weeks. And don’t even talk to us about Avalanche Sharks. This is not a laughing matter people.

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