The 5 Scariest Lifts in the World

The old lift at Krasnaya Polyana in Russia. We’re assuming they’ve upgraded this ahead of the Olympics… Photo: James McPhail

Being on a chairlift or a gondola is fundamentally a very unnatural position to be in. Think about it, you’re sitting in an exposed chair or a flimsy cabin, often hundreds of feet above the ground, and the only thing separating you from plunging to your certain doom is a thin metal cable.

Add in the often shitty visibility and the buffeting by mountain winds and it’s a miracle that anyone reaches the top of a lift without being reduced to a gibbering nervous wreck – let alone is able to actually snowboard down afterwards! It’s amazing what the human mind starts to consider ‘normal’ after a while eh?

But while most lifts feel pretty safe, there are still some out there capable of making even the most acclimatised rider shit their pants.

We reckon these are the five scariest lifts in the world…


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