Friday Find – 40 hilarious ad placement fails

Advertising. We’re bombarded by it everywhere. On the tube, in the papers, on TV – heck, you can’t even go for a leisurely stroll in the park without seeing some crappy add on a bin trying to sell you the latest banana and elderberry Tic Tac flavour… As tedious as it all is, you do occasionally come across some gems – formerly mundane, unoriginal pieces of advertising twoddle brought to life by another ad or headline close by. Yep, Ad placement fails are amazing. We’ve scoured the interweb for 40 of the best and stuck ’em all in the gallery above for your mild amusement.

Most of the newspaper and magazine ones are so glaringly obvious that you have to wonder whether the designers were just seeing what they could get away with…

Anyone come across any unfortunately placed ads in a copy of Whitelines? We’d love to see them if so!

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