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8 Things We Learnt From Snow, Sex and Suspicious Parents

8 Things We Learnt From Snow, Sex and Suspicious Parents


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If, like us, Sundays are spent nursing hangovers in front of the TV with a family-sized pack of Quavers and 25 chicken nuggets, then you’ve probably already chanced upon BBC Three’s Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents. This charming picture of Brits abroad follows a group of kids in their early 20s around Shagaluf for a week of sunburn, fish bowls, random shagging and naked partying – while their parents secretly spy on them via hidden cameras.

Now, the producers have brought this form of teenage torture to the Alps with the new Snow, Sex and Suspicious Parents. And yes, it’s absolutely every bit as horrendous as you imagine. We’ve all seen/participated in similar antics in real life – but there’s something ten times more awful about watching it all played out on TV with their mums watching.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers. But, let’s honest, you can pretty much guess exactly what’s going to happen anyway…..

Watch the full first episode on BBC iPlayer here!


  1. Alex Dente

    I saw this programme. It was shit. Undoubtedly, BBC3 did a number on all the participants, but equally it could have been called “Cunty students on holiday caught on camera and shamed by their parents”. Probably not as catchy a title, but certainly more accurate. It made me really glad that Morzine doesn’t attract the same set of chinless tossers who seem to prevail in other resorts. You’d be frowned upon if you were spray wasting a 6 euro bottle of beer in Morzine. As I was watching, I was so glad there’s nowhere in Morzine like la folie douce and their ilk that sells champagne for 500 euro a bottle and encourages VIP area segregation and gives wealthy shit bags (and student hangers on) encouragement to misbehave simply because they have money. This programme was no real reflection on saisonairres, it was a bunch of students on a free holiday, living up to expectations for the cameras.

    1. Mark

      You’re just boring.


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