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20 Sh*t Ski and Snowboard Jackets

20 Sh*t Ski and Snowboard Jackets


Michelin Man on acid? Photo: Morino Lodge

Oh the horror, the horror. We’ve all seen them – those lads and ladies of the mountains rocking the most awful outwear known to man. This bloke above is no exception. It was this repulsive affliction on our eyes that inspired us to hunt down the worst outerwear ever worn.

We used to run a feature called Fashion Police where readers sent in photos of the most heinous fashion crimes witnessed on the mountain. From Colonel Gaddafi to Evil Santa, our agents locked down dozens of fashion law violators.

We’re thinking of sending the fashion police back out there to make some more arrests, what do you think? With this many hardened criminals still at large, we probably should right?

Post your fashion crime snaps on the Whitelines Facebook Page and we’ll feature the best ones each week! In the meantime, here’s some inspiration to get you started…

  1. common sense

    You missed “The Chav” – Any of those disgusting one pieces by adidas

  2. SuperGypo

    Pic 8: I had that jacket (in black and silver with yellow neon) in the 80’s :D

  3. nikki

    im sure thats robin from aberdeen snowsports. hahahaha

  4. pliok

    do you realize that there was not a huge choice of jackets/pants in Eastern Europe, even for a while after communism fell…

  5. Martin Drayton

    Robin, remember when we used to give out Red cards for Fashion of fences in the French Alps?

  6. Oli

    Lee Miln (pic 4) is hardly in a position to criticise anyone. I mean, look at his own rig!

  7. umm

    ha, if that were made by neff, you’d be loving it.

    1. umm

      *the fresh prince jacket


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