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Louif Paradis

Louif Paradis

Louif Paradis is part of a new generation of Canadian rail riders who can shred any urban feature out there. Born in Quebec, Louif grew up riding the streets of Quebec and has won the X Games Real Snow video competition in 2012 and has been a runner up in 2011 and 2013. In 2013 he also took victory at the X Games snowboard street event.

In the snowboard street event he almost gave up his place to our very own Jamie Nicholls and his soft spoken, diplomatic, nice guy attitude is reflected by his choice to rarely compete. Louif prefers filming video parts to competing and has had incredible sections in the recent Videograss films Bon Voyage, Shoot the Moon and Videograss.

Louif once looked up to the likes of Jeremy Jones and JP Walker in the old Mack Dawg productions videos. Now though it is his own style that is leading the way in a rail revolution where skinny jeans and tight stances have replaced the baggy pants and gangster image of yesteryear.

The skate style, fluid and technical style of Louif is what sets him apart from the crowd and led to him earning a cool 50000 dollar cash prize for his real snow victory over Haldor Helgason. Outside of snowboarding Louif likes to be outside skating and travelling with his girlfriend, who’s mum is his physiotherapist. Interestingly Louif is actually not his full name, it’s short for Louis-Felix.


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