Rider Profile Shaun White

No need to write anything here really about Shaun White... he has 2.4 million likes on his Facebook page! He is the face of modern snowboarding and has achieved everything, everything except Gold in the new Olympic category, slopestyle, which lands in Sochi in 2014.

You can wake up and eat his cereal, get dressed into his branded clothes, have a quick play on one of his many mobile or console games and all before work! Shaun White has the rockstar lifestyle, the Hollywood friends and the influential contacts. He has done wonders for the profile of snowboarding as a whole, and we do thank you Mr White, but inevitably there will come a time when another rider will snatch his limelight. How long will he continue to be at the top of a field where the average age is 18?


Nationality: USA

Stance: Regular

Home resort: Park City

Lives in: Carlsbad

Sponsors: Burton, Oakley

Website: www.shaunwhite.com, Facebook