Watch Dylan Thompson, Tim Huphreys and friends jib sharp, pointy objects in episode 1 of the new 'Neff in the Parks' series.

Dylan Thompson and Tim Humpreys really are very good at snowboarding. When the former isn't jumping of buildings and the latter isn't shooting GoPro selfies all day long, the pair are still pretty damn handy at regular park riding. You know, that thing that you and I do as well from time to time.

In the new park series from Neff, creatively titled 'Neff in the Parks', we follow the team around the US as they (presumably) hit up their various Neff Land parks.

First up is Boreal, who have rolled with a pretty sick looking Pirate theme featuring jibbable swords, literal cannon rails, barrels of dynamite and all sorts of other piratey-themed obstacles. If only they had a giant snowboardable parrot, if only.

Watch the pair slay the various features with some tech spins on and off the rails, handdrags and all other manner of park ripping goodness. We'll definitely be keeping our eye out for part 2.

Featured riders: Dylan Thompson, Tim Huphreys, Ian Thorley, Jimi Tomer, Aspen Weaver, Ben Wyn, Nick Pooch, Jon Stanco, BJ Linne, Scotty Vine, Mike Burton,