The UK's snowboarding sweetheart, Aimee Fuller, is the star of the British Freestyle Snowboard Team's next episode in the One Team To Sochi series.

Aimee says how far she has come since the days of Bromley dry slope and explains her (very sensible) decision to swap from skis to a board at the age of 12.

With an office in the mountains, Aimee says riding takes away normality and explains her future plans and ambitions to explore more backcountry and do more filming (YES!), so expect more heart-dropping edits featuring Aimee this year.

She tells us in this episode that her secret to success is trying something new every time she's out on the mountain and constantly pushing herself to the limits.

As one of the most dedicated riders and a hopeful for Sochi, everyone wants to see Aimee on the Olympic podium next month.