Rider: Jonaven Morre  /  Photographer: Jeff Patterson  /  Location: Revelstoke, Canada

If the snowboard park you happen to be riding in doesn’t have a rainbow rail, have no fear… why not get your mate to lie down and turn himself into one? It can be done and is not as scary (or gay) as you might think - unless your mate happens to be Giant Haystacks.

- Look for a fairly mellow slope to try this trick; if it’s too steep you’ll find yourself sliding down the hill like a stricken cockroach on its back.

- The human handrail lies on their back with the board facing up the hill as shown in shots here. Try and dig the tail of your board into the snow slightly, this will help to keep the board in position a little longer at the start of the trick.

- As your mate rides up your board, you’re aiming to follow them. The idea is to keep them sliding over your board for as long as possible - exactly as if they were on a normal rainbow rail.

- Try to roll in a smooth motion with the rider’s momentum… this will take a few shots to get right and hopefully won’t result in getting squashed too many times.

- When your mate has had their fill, it’s your turn – tell them to lie back and think of England.

Here's one of many ways to use this trick on the hill: