From now on, this is the form we want all our trick tip videos to take. No talking or explanation on what's going on, no more 'approach with good speed and ride away clean' - after seeing this clip we want excessive snow and intense Japanese techno music.

Joking aside, and if you can make it through the extreme J-Pop sounds firing out at you, the guy in it is pretty sick, like an Asian Lucas Magoon with all his buttery tech.

Our favourites have to be what he calls 'the guillotine' - a front swivel to switch nose block revert out - and the pivot 540 near the end.

The all out banger has to be the bolts nollie front 540 off the flat slotted in about half way through with no fanfare at all.

As the (unamed) guy puts it best himself, we can't really say more than he does under the original vid:

Please enjoy a butter trick on snow this year.

Oh we will. For more weird and wacky snowboarding from the wonderful place that is Japan, check out this sweet snowboard mousetrap from the gods of shred at WOW Snowboarding.