It's dark by the time we pull into Bourg St Maurice. Dark, and pissing down with rain. We seek out signs for our accommodation, and a mere five minutes out of town we find it: Camping le Reclus.

"Hey..." says my companion, incredulously, "Are we staying in, like, a tent?"

We are indeed. In the Alps, in February. It seemed like a great idea when I booked our accommodation for this filming trip to St Foy, but now, trying to make out which yurt is ours through the driving, freezing rain, I'm not so sure anymore.

"With more room and comfort than a standard French duplex, it's better than an apartment!"

As soon as we open the door though, we find heaven on the other side. With insulated walls and two electric heaters cranked, it's warmer than most French apartments I've stayed in over the years, and a thousand times more homely. Elaborately painted furniture, cosy bedding, a mini stove so that we can brew coffee at the foot of the bed... I now know what 'glamping' means. And yes, it is good.

The best bit: the price. A week in one of these bad boys is only €100 per person if you use all four beds, and with more room and comfort than a standard French duplex, it's better than the usual. And with a multitude of resorts close at hand - Tignes, La Rossiere, Les Arcs, La Plagne, St Foy... - what you save on a roof over your head you can blow on lift passes.

Stay in one of these for your next trip. Honestly. Do it. Do it do it do it.

Visit Camping Le Reclus' website here to learn more about hiring a yurt