If you're seriously into your park shred, it's likely you caught sight of Kaunertal's ridiculously long jib run before. Blue rails, pipes and assorted jibs stretch half a mile into the distance, making it one of the few parks where you often have to stop and catch your breath halfway down.

However, the one arse-ache has always the slightly violent T-bar that services it, firmly pressing into many a park-rat's most sacred place, gradually adding more pressure as the hill gets steeper until you scream out "#METOO!". Plus it's long, so much that you look visibly aged by the time you get to the top.

No longer! From the moment it opens on the 12th October, Kaunertal's park - aka 'The Nature Run' - will now start from the top of the Karlesjochbahn gondola, meaning you can rest your dainty tush in between laps. More stoke, more riding.

The slightly steeper terrain means they will have a bit more speed to play around with, allowing them to create multiple lines flowing through and around each obstacle. They're also planning to blend some natural features into the proceedings, so expect the unexpected!

"Kaunertal's park - aka 'The Nature Run' - will now start from the top of the Karlesjochbahn gondola"

From multiple visits to K-Tal, we can attest to the park crew really knowing their shaping onions, so we'd 100% recommend getting over there this winter if endless jib lines sound like your idea of paradise.

Why not head over for their legendary opening session? This year it'll take place on 12th-14th October.