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Not made it out for a shred yet this year? Or have you already, but can't help wanting a little more? Never fear, spring is just around the corner and with it comes some of the raddest snowboarding possible, so you still have a chance!

Sure the chances of getting some powder turns in are quite small, but compared to high season it's cheaper, quieter, less cold and sunnier; meaning it's all the easier to start working on a late goggle tan. Plus, ripping through slush in a tee shirt is some of the most fun you can possibly have.

But where to go? Luckily we've compiled a quick guide to some of the best European spring destinations, just click below to find out which ones made the list.


Of course we were going to include Kaunertal, the home of Spring Break, in this list, so why not put it at the top. It's where we head each year to put next season's snowboards through their paces at the UK board test.

Why not come along and poke fun at us as we once again struggle in front of the camera filming our product reviews, or alternatively just come shred one of the highest and raddest glaciers in Austria.

It might not be the biggest of resorts, but with an awesome park and lifts running until at least the 21st of April this year, sun and fun are pretty much guaranteed.

Fun Fact: Kaunertal glacier has free WIFI on its slopes, so you can tweet and instagram to your hearts content without racking up huge overseas phone bills!


Les Deux Alpes is home to France's largest glacier which makes it ideal for a bit of spring shred. With a massive park that is usually in full swing from January, they normally have it dialed in for the slushy late-season conditions.

With a huge 120 meter-long halfpipe you'll be able to catch some air without fear of nailing yourself on an icy bottom, plus you can grab a few sweet pipe slashes on the way down. They have a range of jumps and a rail line that's the envy of most other French resorts, so you and your friends would be in no danger of missing out on some fun whatever the conditions.

This year the resort is open until the 26th of April, and if you go late enough in the season you can even get away with camping at the foot of the mountain to reduce your expenses even more!

Fun Fact: Les Deux Alpes is well-connected to the La Grave ski area which stays open until the 4th May this winter!

The video above gives quite a good idea of what riding at Saas Fee is all about: fun. With a glacier open in the summer, the park crew have got a pretty good reputation for shoveling slush so you can guarantee that their spring park will be up to scratch.

Snow too slushy for you? There's also a few great skate parks not too far from the mountain, plus a brew-your-own-beer shop if the snow is truly dire.

This year closing on the 25th April they're barely half way through the season now; you've got plenty of time to start checking those flights!

Fun Fact: Saas Fee is where Wham! chose to film their famous 'Last Christmas' video so be sure to bring your mum with you for some sight-seeing.


The Swedish resort of Åre is one of the most Northerly in Europe, so conditions will be cold and snowy right into the spring. In fact, they're not planning to close until the 4th May this year.

As well as an amazing range of parks for all abilities, if you make the trip in the early spring there's still some of the world's best heli-boarding going on in an area the size of Holland!

Coupled with an amazing scene that's both laid back and ready to party, Åre really does have it all. What are you waiting for?

Fun Fact: Due to it's Northerly position during the winter months the resort doesn't see much sun, so to compensate they offer night skiing every evening through to January.


One of the highest European resorts also has one of the longest history with freestyle snowboarding; with the two combined spring park riding in Livigno is an essential experience for any true snowboarder.

With the main park featuring four jump lines of varying sizes all the way up to some monstrous 25 meter tables and a huge range of jib features, there'll be something for everyone in their world famous snow park.

The town has a duty free status so the booze flows fast and cheap, and with late season lifts prices as low as 132EUR for six days you'll struggle to break the bank on the hill too. Even if the snow is whack you won't have wasted much money and you can drink away your sorrows on just a few quid.

Fun Fact: Livigno has hosted their own international chess tournament since 2010, so there's literally never not something to do in town!


This year Tignes will again play host to The Brits in late March, the signal that spring shred times have truly begun.

Another glacier that's open in the summer, the park is typically French in that it will sometimes try its absolute best to maim or kill you, but on a good day it's great. And if you see more than one person riding home with a shin bone sticking out their pants you can always go and have some fun on some of the funnest side-hits going.

Unfortunately, the website is classically French as well, meaning it's nigh on impossible to find any good information about dates without being blasted by cheesy euro-pop, but as it normally stays open until early May we'll assume it'll be the same this year.

Fun Fact: The Barrage de Tignes, a huge dam, contains the submerged remains of the original mountain village. Once every ten years it's drained for maintenance and you can glimpse the old buildings!


Val Thorens in the 3 Valleys is France's highest resort so good snow conditions are pretty much assured for anyone arriving in April or May, with the resort staying open until the 11th.

The park has had a massive turnaround in the last few years, going from icy death-trap to mellow playground, even having the good sense to rope of knuckles and landings from curious tourists looking for picnic spots.

Spring in Val T is amazing, with local staff relaxing after a long hard winter the place takes on a relaxed vibe that's hard to beat.

Not Fun Fact: The Folie Douce in Val Thoren is well known as being a gateway to the first circle of hell; avoid at all costs.


The Swiss resort of Zermatt is home to the famous Matterhorn, but in the spring you'll most likely be interested in what the snow parks have to offer in the way of shaped slush.

As with other high-altitude parks they manage to keep the features running right until the end of the season; this year the 4th of May. With a halfpipe as well as a range of jumps and jib features, there's more than enough to keep you amused if you venture out there in April.

While the Swiss are generally known to be a bit straight-laced, luckily in Zermatt they have plenty of opportunities to let their hair down, so you can party way into the late spring nights.

Fun Fact: You can technically ride all year round in Zermatt, but during May and June there's generally only a couple of runs open, best to wait until the summer if you want to have some fun in the sun.

Always serious about having fun, the Austrian resort crew on the Stubai Glacier will this year keep their winter season running until Independance Day, the fourth of July! As bonkers as that sounds their summer season kicks of the very next day, so there's no excuse not to get a spring shred on, anytime in spring!

The parks are pretty serious affairs too, check out the variety of features in the video above. Home to many of the world's top riders all year round, you'll be sure to pick up a thing or two just by hanging out and watching.

Fun Fact: The 'Top of Tyrol' observation platform at Stubai has been named one of the top ten vantage points in the world, so be sure to check it out if you make it there.


This year the Cairngorms are having what look like their best ever season with webcams and poma lifts having to be dug out left, right and centre.

The last time Scotland had such a good year for snow the small resort sizes meant that they could keep staff on until the mountains were completely unrideable, so we might be looking at lifts staying open again until as late as early June!

There's even a halfpipe this winter, and with the Vans Hi Standard returning once again to nearby Avimore, spring in the Highlands is already shaping up to be awesome, so come get involved!

Fun Fact: Riding in Scotland is fun. Fact.