Part 4 - A Christmas Turkey

The usual bout of alcohol, tiredness and stress induced illness is doing the rounds. Normally I get away with it as I don't really drink that much. Not this time. I have been partying hard and not sleeping, eating or drinking enough water. A dangerous combination and one that cannot continue. A distinct lack of pow days has meant

I've slipped into the drinking culture far too easily and made a twat of myself already in the process. It has got to stop in January for sure.

New Year. Amazing... Such a good laugh. I wasn't going to go out at all but a friend of a friend, Celia, convinced me to at least go out for the The Bells... Holy fuck I got ballistically hammered. Jaeger Bombs, the whole nine yards and plenty of cheesy dancing till I eventually staggered home at gone four. Back to work three hours later... Happy Days.

Finally had a good day's riding too. Me and three of the boys dusted off our transceivers and did some backcountry in the Valley Les Avals round the back of Courchevel 1650. Some fresh lines were had by all. A top day finished off with a hike back out and a few beers in The Bubble Bar. Now that's what it's all about. The reason we all come out here and work for peanuts. Let's hope conditions improve because we really need some snow.

That's all for this week. Ciao for now.