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When it comes to a shred holiday, the worst bit is easily the transfer. We're not talking about some gnarly hand-crafted lip-to-gap-to-rail monster here, we're talking about the tedious ferrying around between airports and your final destination; crammed vans decked out with tired, grumpy drivers and the faint-but-ever-present whiff of baby sick.

Yup, there's no denying the transfer is the pain before the gain, so why waste time on it? Here are six European airports with decent hills less than two hours away; thank us after you've booked your flight.

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[part title="Geneva"]


The go to airport destination when it comes to nearby snow, as long as you can avoid the dreaded queues on a peak-season Saturday, Geneva is your best bet for a morning flight that could even give you a few hours on the slopes in the afternoon.

With Morzine, Chamonix and Courmayeur - amongst many other smaller resorts - all within less than a two-hour drive, you're also spoiled for choice, any with heaps of transfer companies vying for your business it can also be one of the cheapest options too.

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[part title="Grenoble"]


Not always the first airport you might think of as you book a shred holiday, but for a few of the major destinations in the French Alps - Les Deux Alpes, La Clusaz and parts of the Trois Vallees - it's by far the quickest option; all of those clock in at less than 90 minutes of uncomfortable chat with a powerfully scented neighbour.

Plus, Grenoble itself is a rad place, well worthy of a night or two's exploration. After all, it's the journey not the destination right?

Flights to Grenoble with British Airways start from just £45 one way


[part title="Innsbruck"]


When it comes to well-organised fun, look no further than the Austrians. Not only is the city itself well connected to some of the best ski-areas in the world, but it's only an hour or so by train from the legendary Mayrhofen.

It's also one of the cheapest transfers you'll encounter; at under 20EUR for a ticket you'll save $$$ for the all-important holiday beer fund!

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[part title="Friedrichshafen"]


Like Geneva, Friedrichshafen is close to a border, but in this case it's a triple border, allowing pretty decent access to resorts such as Ischgl and Lech in Austria, Laax and Flims in Switzerland as well as a whole host of smaller resorts in Germany - all less than two hours away by car.

Again, it's not one of the biggest airports you'll ever venture to, but a smaller capacity means smaller queues so why not give it a go?

Flights to Friedrichshafen with British Airway start from just £45 one way


[part title="Granada"]

Although Spain might not be the destination that first jumps to mind when you say 'snowboarding,' but as ex-Whitelines deputy editor Tristan Kennedy will attest to after just returning from a holiday in Sierra Nevada, it has a lot to offer.

Just check out the edit above, that's a pretty fine looking park for a country who's main hobby is sleeping in the afternoon. And at about an hour's drive from Granada airport, what's stopping you?

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[part title="Inverness"]


The shortest flight from anywhere in the UK, and at 40 minutes to Aviemore the shortest transfer on this list, Inverness airport is the time-conscious shredder's dream. What you might miss out on in terms of non-wind and rain you more than make up for with hours on the hill and pure Scottish vibes.

Though we may laugh, in terms of snowfall the Highlands have kicked mainland-Europe's arse this winter, so there should be literally nothing stopping you from booking a quick weekend's shred in the 'Gorms.

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