daydream destinations

There's no doubt about it, Christmas is a time for family. Whether that's immediate blood relatives, good friends, or someone who's tenuously associated with your kin...

And family are fantastic - but surely we're not alone in drifting off from the odd conversation every once in a while?

You know, when the topic sways towards some niche political topic, or how well Uncle Jim's friend's son is doing at their new school...

Well, as with going on a mission into the backcountry, we like to be prepared for these situations. Maybe even stocking up on a few daydream 'destinations' to hold up in until the worst of the chatter has passed.

If your heading into the breach this holiday, here are a few suggestions from us. Feel free to chip in with your own, and good luck.

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There's something surreal about super high definition snowboarding - and the Perceptions film from Pirate Movie Production is just so hyper-HD and etherial that it's bound to make the transition into that dream state easier.

Pretend you're hitting that huge method with Elias, jibbing trees with Gigi, or double flipping with Sami Luhtanen. It's all there for the metaphysical taking...

If you didn't get it from the slideshow above, Frode Sandbech is one hell of a photographer.

Imagine you're roaming the world like him, with no end of stunning scenery to shoot - or just watch this on repeat until you have it committed to memory. It's a visual treat you can come back to again and again.

There's something about the landscape up on the Saas Fee Glacier that sparks the imagination - especially if you've got the chops to make the most of it like Fredi K does here.

If you happen to be within reach of a computer screen - you could always set this shot as the screensaver too - just to get things started.

Skip to 37.30 in Factor Films' 'They Came From' and you can join us as we take a trip to a Folgefonna, Norway and take in those huge panning kicker shots.

In all honesty, any sunset shoot will do in here, but Petter Kristansen's boned out front 5 off the toes at 38.50 is a firm favourite over here.

Photography reels seem to be a favourite for setting off the imagination for us - and Scott Serfas' 2012 WSSF slide show might not feature stunners like his recent shot of Travis Rice - but it certainly does the job.

Pick any one of these shots, and picture the rest of the scene for yourself...

A suggestion from our Online Editor primarily for the dream-like nature of the sound-track.

Yep, we'll have it.

After-all, who doesn't want to be Travis Parker?

Like a slightly more 80s dreamscape? Try this halfpipe edit from Christian Haller.

Picture yourself throwing slashes and huge-airs while doing aerial yoga to the beat - just make sure not too drift off for too long.

It's no secret that Japan is a dream destination for powder hounds, and we're sure it's a firm favourite for many of you already.

Nevertheless, here's a refresher for all of you, featuring one of the best in the business. Riding pillows like this with Jake Blauvelt is sure to take you away from it all.