Have you ever, like us, wished you could still shred in the summer? Ever looked over to where you keep your snowboard hidden away and thought it was sad that your most prized possession only gets six months use a year max?

Johannes Guerreiro from Cologne, Germany seems to have had this mindset, just check out his upcycling project Visual Overkill - chopping up old snowboards and turning them into skate cruisers.


Not only that, but he seems so far to be only using 'vintage' boards from the late 80s/early 90s. Some would call this a criminal desecration of shred artifacts, others a nifty way of extending the riding life of boards destined for wall art.


Whichever way you swing, you have to admit they look pretty cool. They did know how to make an eye-catching graphic in those days, so we're hoping we'll see a couple wizzing round the next time we venture to WL's London headquarters.


The one thing that might put people off is the price - the cheapest deck comes in at 230EUR - but you could end up paying many times the price for a complete vintage Burton, so you could see this as being a cost effective way to own your very own, usable 90s shred stick!

For more information please check out Johannes' site here.