One of our readers, Lewis, hit us up with some info on what has to be one of the most pimpin’ pieces of snowboarder friendly, automotive gold dust that we’ve ever come across. We’re not vying to be the next Autotrader or anything but just thought we’d help a brother out and put this up just in case any of you happen to be in the market for a sweet new ride/mobile home for taking up into the mountains next season.

A little warning though before you click through to pour over all the specs in their glorious detail - this thing aint going cheap…

So inside its sleek, understated black exterior you’ll find:

Stuff to stop it from freezing solid:

    • A fully insulated chassis and water tanks for use down to -20 degrees.
    • Water tanks fitted with auto thermostat defrost elements.

Stuff to keep you toasty and dry:

    • An LPG powered central heating/hot water system with 3 separate radiators.
    • Hot air blower fan at floor level to warm up feet or dry shoes.
    • Hot water booster that works in 10 minutes.
    • Shower room/bathroom which doubles as drying room, featuring a big heated towel rail which warms the room and dries clothes, plus an extractor fan to blow out damp air (works a treat, apparently).

Places for all your crap:

    • Metal checker-plated storage area for boards and equipment.
    • Sleeps up 3 people - one double and one single.
    • Plenty of storage space for cooking stuff and clothes including 2m clothes rail

Stuff to keep you stuffed, entertained and from stubbing your toe in the dark:

    • Kitchen with full gas cooker/grill/oven, fridge and sink - fridge and cooker run off LPG with electric option for fridge.
    • 3 Leisure batteries to last easily a week with no hook-ups.
    • HD TV
    • Low power LED lighting

The geeky car stuff:

    • The van itself is very fast with 180 BHP - more that 50 above standard for a Sprinter.
    • Automatic gears
    • Road sensing head lights
    • 100 litre fuel tank
    • Full set of winter and summer tyres, snow chains and snow socks
    • 2008 reg, 13,000 miles on the clock and the conversion went down in 2010.

Why is Lewis selling such an enviable piece of machinery you may be wondering? Well, with today’s economic climate, let’s just say that it's a simple matter of needing the cash.

So if this dark stallion of a vehicle tickles your fancy, you best start gathering up your loose change because for a modest £48,000 (new it would be around £70,000 apparently), this erm, big beauty can be yours.

Fire an email to if you’re genuinely interested and we’ll put you in touch with Lewis.