Snowboard Spotlight is a new section of the website where we turn the focus onto a particular bit of snowboard gear, giving you a bit of in-depth info about its features, and what it's designed to do. We get as excited about new snowboard product as you do, so we thought we'd dedicate a bit of time to looking at it each week. For this first one we're going to take a look at Yes Snowboards' Great Dudes of History (GDOH).

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Yes Snowboards GDOH in numbers

Flex: 6

Available Lengths: 149, 152, 156, 159, 162

RRP: £390

The Pitch

The GDOH series, or 'The Dudes', as the Yes Snowboards crew call it, is one of their flagship models for this year. It's built for freestyle riders who want a stick that'll handle most things they throw it at. With a stiffish flex but a jibby shape, it's pretty much perfect for riding the whole mountain as if it was a park.

The Graphic

Sort of like a Bill and Ted end of year presentation, the graphic features a whole bunch of the most righteous dudes from history. Designer Chris explains: "I really wanted to see a snowboard with people that had to stand up and say Yes. Yes We Can. Revolutionaries". So that's Martin Luther King, Abe Lincoln, Einstein, Haile Selassie, John Lennon and JFK. Luckily they're not cheesy enough to have wacked Obama on there yet...

The Tech

Underneath those Great Dudes' faces there's an awful lot of tech been packed into this board. Yes snowboards are of course built in the Nidecker factory in Switzerland, giving them access to all sorts of weird and wonderful materials and construction processes. This board features Nidecker's Cam-Rock profile, which is cambered between the bindings and rockered at the tip and tail. This makes the board pop like a camber stick, but butter with the ease of a rocker board. The mix of woods that make up the core features ash pretty heavily, adding to the poppy feel, and there's added carbon in the fibre-glass wrapped around the core. Underneath all of this, Yes have added their fastest base, the 8800.

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