Hailing from the Western shores of the USA, Ride Snowboards was initially a project for Madison to keep him busy in the winter when the sales of his indoor tanning machines dropped. He teamed up with Salter who had headed up Kemper snowboards till a few years previous with Pouge.

They launched their new brand at the SIA show in 1993 with a mini-ramp and a couple of hundred litres of beer, needless to say their order book were full from then…

Now 22 years later the brand it still going as strong as ever with a heavy hitting team covering all aspects of snowboarding. We hit up their stand at ISPO 2015 to see what they have to offer this year.


Ride Snowboard's Alter Ego for the 2015 2016 season is Jake Blauvelt's weapon of choice this season. The split tail combined with a hybrid All-Mountain shape means that the stick is suitable for all kinds of powder and backcountry delights, all the while being suitable for any hardpack or park thrashing desires you may have.

The split tail has a catch where you can either leave it undone for more float, or clip it up to stiffen the board up. An all-terrain weapon any warrior would be glad to have in their arsenal.


The 2015 2015 mens Helix from Ride Snowboards is an aggressive, asymmetrically shaped park board designed to help you where your body can't. The heel edge comes with a more aggressive sidecut to compensate for the lack of flex in your knees over your backside edge. The idea being that if you can't put as much pressure onto the heel edge, the sidecut compensates for it.

The board also has a different torsional flex, meaning there's more flex on your toeside edge to compensate. A board packed with more technology than the international space station.


The Burnout 2015 2016 is a new stick from Ride Snowboards designed for park and freestyle crushing. The board takes has hybrid shape with a re-designed tip and tail flex meaning it's easier to butter than your toast on a Sunday morning.

The topsheet and bottomsheet graphics were designed by Jackass Danger Aaron, whoa s you may or may not know, was a professional snowboarder until he had to retire due to injury.


The Kink from Ride Snowboards is their efforts for the 2015 2016 season to create the softest urban snowboard in existence. The rocker shape means it's harder to catch an edge than an automated U2 iTunes download. If you had any reservations about pop, fear not as the core will give you enough amplitude to take on the highest of street rails.

Slimewall technology means the board doesn't chatter over bump terrain either, saving your knees for another day.


Marco Feichtner returns for another all terrain tackling snowboard in collaboration with Ride Snowboards. The hybrid flat rocker shape mean you get contact with the snow where it counts, but float on the tip and tail where you need it. The directional shape means it's probably not going to be your weapon of choice if you're looking for an all-terrain killer, but if you're looking to take on the steep and deep; this is a solid option.


The womens Hellcat from Ride Snowboards is " An all-mountain board for really bad ass ladies that want to give their boyfriends shit", in the words of Ride Rep Jörg.

That said, this hybrid shaped board might well be the attacking board of choice of ladies that charge harder than the boys. The rocker in the tip and tail mean less hanging up, and more laying it down with camber where it counts.


For want of a better term to describe it, this is the womens version of the Ride Snowboards Helix. Taking on a similar asymmetric shape with the shorter heelside edge to compensate for your omni-flexing joints, the stick has a more 'real' sidecut designed to work with your body.

Similarly to the mens board, the board packs torsional flex to stiffen up where you over compensate and give a little where you can't get to.


The Lowrider from Ride Snowboards is a softer than butter for your little shred puppy to take on as a first whip. By taking some of the wood out of the core of the snowboard and replacing it with rubber, it means its a forgiving board with more patience that Mrs Doubtfire.

The hybrid shape mean there's going to be no more tears after a nasty edge catch, but it still going to give the little 'un the opportunity to slay terrain across the mountain.


If you're looking for a stiff, hard charging binding that's gonna take all of your weight and put it into the board, then the El Hefe from Ride Snowboards might be your binding of choice. The stiff highbacks are a composite of dampening urethane and hard hitting carbon which will suit a super aggressive rider looking to get 100% from their setup.

The aluminium chassis will keep your heel locked it even when tackling the steepest of gradients and the wide straps will eliminate any give your boots have leaving you with a secure fit, supercharged for charging.


The Rodeo Binding from Ride Snowboards is named exactly after what it's designed for; rodeos. The freestyle designed binding is only made in super limited runs, which means if you're not quick off the mark at the start of the season to get yourself a pair, you might be the only clown not at the rodeo.

The bi-lateral flexing highback gives you a soft yet secure feel to your board, especially with the cantered footbeds that help set your feet up for the best boardfeel possible.


Revolt against mediocrity with the Ride Snowboards Revolt; The all-mountain freestyle binding comes with an aluminium chassis to lock you in for longer than a sub-prime mortgage.

Dom't be fooled by its soft flex and comfy feel - the binding gives you what you need, when you need it. The composite highbacks eliminate chatter on even the iciest of in-runs, but when you load them up with pop, they'll transfer the energy into the board to launch you into the stratosphere.


Maybe the marketing bods at Ride Snowboards called it the EX because it would be something you wouldn't regret? In terms of bang for your buck, you'd be hard pressed to find something on the market that'll do you better if you're looking for an all-terrain option.

A 100% aluminium chassis combined with a forgiving highback leave you with a binding that's suitable for any terrain you're ready to tackle. Whilst the price is under wraps, we're told that this'll be a recession busting option for what it is.


If you're looking for a partner in crime for any hellcat adventures , you need look to further than the Fame womens binding from Ride Snowboards. It comes with the highest technology that they can fit into a binding, and it custom designed to work with the Ride Snowboards Womens Hellcat.

Created for mach 10 riding, you'll need to have the skills to handle the limelight that this'll put on you. That said, if you're not paying attention, this binding will chew you up and spit you out if you're not charging.


On the lower end of the scale is the womens DVA binding from Ride Snowboards. Whilst it's not as aggressive as the Fame, it's a perfect choice for the ladies looking to take the leap from beginner to intermediate, without sacrificing on comfort or quality.

The slimeback highbacks help dampen any chatter that'll come through your stick, meaning you're left with a smooth flexing binding with fluid support.


The mens Insano boot from Ride Snowboards will take you to the next level of riding. The triple boa system will kepp your foot locked in like Fort Knox without sacrificing on weight.

Whilst the boot is an all-mountain designed product, we think it'll come into its own in the backcountry and on any hiking or splitboarding missions you might be going on. With a Michelin sole, the boot grips like a McLaren tackling the Monaco Grand Prix, but with the comfort of a family saloon thanks to the Intuition liner foam that makes up the inner.


If you're looking for more security in your boot than a Swiss bank, look no further than the mens Lasso boot from Ride Snowboards. The custom designed Boa lacking system, works in relay to keep your extremities locked in for life.

The Boa system tandems in with the tongue of the boot which drives your heel into the back of the boot, giving you superior support. By driving your heel back, it gives you more room in the toe-box to size down for a performance fit for all-mountain ripping.


Completing the trifecta of gear for women who ride like a bat outta hell is the Cadence boot. Best paired with the Ride Hellcat Snowboard and the Fame binding, this boot will launch you to new heights of riding. The Michelin sole means there'll be no love lost in the transition of energy from body to boot to binding to board.

You won't end up with frostbite in your toes either thanks to the Intuition lining keeping your tootsies safe and warm no matter what you're tackling.


You don't need to chase an all mountain boot like Captain Ahab with the womens Sage boot. It's a difficult task to track down a boot that has the right flex for an intermediate, yet has the comfort of a beginner boot, but Ride Snowboards have excelled themselves with the Sage.

The single Boa system gives a solid fit across the different widths of foot. Combined with an Intuition liner, the boots allows you you to focus on the most important aspect of snowboarding; enjoying the ride.


It's fairly well known that orange is the new black, and the designers at Ride Snowboards have obviously been watching Netflix during the design process of the Mont jacket.

Teamed up here with the mens Holeman bib pants, the combo boasts waterproof technology that'll survive whatever the elements throw at them. Both are made using Cocona technology which gives 30-50% more breathability than fabrics treated without the technology.

Ride have teamed up with Cocona on their high end clothing this season, so you won't end up hot under the collar.