We decided to shoot some board reviews again while we were out at Spring Break this year and as you'll no doubt notice, we've stepped up our presenting game.

Although we haven't quite managed to fully wash out our potty mouths from last year, there were far fewer 'ummm's' this time around. And less falling over.

It also turns out that our esteemed editor Ed is a bit of a comedy genius. Not only is he totally unable to avoid slipping in a sexual pun or two, but his smiley demeanour seems to have an almost magnetic effect on small children and Austrian tourists. We're also betting he has a pretty good haka under that Patagonia clad mountain-man exterior of his - take a look at 3:07 if you're struggling to picture it.

And note to self: don't expect a self-filmed review on a stonking hangover to go swimmingly well - particularly when you're shooting it in a car park.

Believe it or not, we did actually make it through a couple of takes (Tristan even had a couple of one-take wonders...) so look out for our Whitelines 100 product guide and full video reviews dropping in September.