And so to the third installment of 'website of the week', the section of the site where we recommend that you visit other websites. Erm... Anyway, this week we've picked a site closer to home than our previous nominees. But it's suitably topical again, what with all the new gear coming out about this time of year. It is...!

Yep, we love the dudes over at, with their product reviews and their erm product reviews and... nah, we're kidding. Actually there's tons of useful stuff on there, including blurbs about companies, interviews with industry types and of course loads of those reviews. It's run by two mates of ours, Tom and Rich Ewbank, and everything about the site screams professionalism and passion. So if you're looking for another opinion on kit, or just looking to waste some time at work, head on over there and check them out. It's worth it!