The Details:

This year sees the return of Yes’ series that celebrates the best of the best (after the Great Dudes and Great Beauties of History, and snowboarding legends including Terje Haakonsen and Peter Line).

Once again the focus is on top names from the world of snowboarding; among those featured for Yes The Greats are Mike Ranquet, Damian Saunders, Jeff Brushie and – seen here, on the 152 version – Jeff Anderson. Before his death in a tragic accident, Jeff was not only a prodigally talented snowboard but also a personal friend of the Yes co-founders, so it’s fitting to see him honoured in this way. As for the board that bears his image, it’s one of a few available this year that has an asymmetric shape. The sidecut on the heel side is tighter than that on the toe, the idea being that we naturally apply different forces to the two edges and therefore they shouldn’t be identical. The stiff flex, sintered base and ‘Camrock’ profile (camber between the feet, rocker towards the ends) is ideal for big-hitting freestylers who want stability at speed and tons of grip. It’s a quality board that embodies everything about how this relatively young, rider-owned brand has established itself as a name to trust.

The Review:

“The Greats is stiff enough to smash through crappy snow and holds really well when you are taking it as fast as your balls will allow. Plus it was really fun on park jumps and side-hits, holding its line well even when the run-in was rutted. Personally I couldn’t feel a big difference between the two edges, but then maybe that’s the whole point; it just shredded super well. It’s a little narrower than a lot of boards out there, so I did get a bit of heel drag in the slush. Something to be aware of if you’re feet are on the big size." – Darren Williams

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