The Details:

Snowboard legend and YES co-founder DCP uses the YES Pick Your Line (aka YES PYL) as his one-board quiver. That’s not to say that it’ll be just as suited for the park as for the pow – the French-Canadian has long since turned away from rails – but rather that it’ll handle everything the backcountry can throw at you, from mellow pillow lines to ball-shrinkingly steep faces. And the piste too, of course.

The big development for this year is the introduction of the ‘tapered Underbite’. The sidecut is split into three sections; between the inserts has a deeper cut than at the nose, and at the tail it’s deeper still.

This is designed to give you all the benefits of a tapered board in the powder, but none of the drawbacks when you take it onto the groomers. YES call it a true game-changer for those who like to really crank their carves, so if you like to ride aggressively both on- and off-piste then this will be right up your street.

Appropriately, the YES Pick Your Line is about as stiff as snowboards get, and boasts a new core design that features carbon wrapped around bamboo rods.

It’s not one for buttering about, but if your board has ever been let you down at the end of a monster carve then be sure to take a look at this one.


“Wow – I have never ridden a snowboard quite like this.

On piste the PYL made me want to charge faster and crank turns harder than I’ve ever wanted to before. No snowboard has ever held me in a turn for so long without washing out.

Thanks to the tapered underbite edges, it holds through the tail like nothing else out there. I was lucky enough to ride the PYL in some fresh snow too, and it floats with next to no effort.

It’s definitely one for steeper slopes though, so if you want to charge faster, carve harder and get in the fresh, then this is your pick."

"On piste the PYL made me want to charge faster and crank turns harder than I’ve ever wanted to before"