The Details:

The YES Basic may not be a bank-breaking show stealing diva - but as a trusty do-everything board, it's built up a solid reputation over the last 5 years. Made with the classics in mind, YES have stuck to a full tip to tail wood core, paired with a CamRock profile, and an extruded base that'll carry you all through the season.

The big development for the Basic this year is the addition of Underbite to the sidecut - a small millimetre or two of cutaway under the bindings that disrupts the smooth edges that you use to carve. While you may have heard of the practice of extending the edges under the binding - retracting them is certainly a new concept to us. The idea is to redistribute power toward the contact points at the tip and tail, and at the centre of the board, while reducing drag and giving you more control.

Graphically - YES have kept things as simple as ever with the Basic, so if you're looking for transport that'll last you a few years without looking backdated, you may well have found your match.

The Review:

"You know what - this board rips. It's got a really soft flex, which is not the style of board that I would normally ride, but I found it really fun, super easy to pop ollies, and really at home buttering around on the piste. Why is it so good? I think one of the answers to that might be the sidecut, which is a bit unusual - beneath your feet the edges dint inwards, which sounds counter intuitive, but I'm told the effect of that is to channel the energy into the contact points. It might sound like like mumbo jumbo, but for a soft board this really holds an edge - it really can carve." - Ed Blomfield

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