The Details:

This little powder board mixed up the status quo a few years ago - by redistributing surface area YES managed to create a super stubby wide ride that doesn't look anything like your average soft-snow craft.

The benefit, of course, is that you can stay afloat just as much as you would with a traditional tall backcountry charger, but also also have a slice of the manoeuvrability that comes with shorter board designs.

With its speedy die-cut sintered base, YES also claim that the 420 can keep up with it's competition in terms of speed - and a taper towards the tail gives added stability so you don't fly over the handlebars.

But, despite its backcountry credentials, with the 420 you're not necessarily investing in a swallowtail whip - for a speciality ride the stance is pretty centred, and the shape isn't too far off twin, so you might well find yourself happy with this for the odd bit of piste riding too.

The Review:

"We rode this on piste and in powder. On piste it's surprisingly fast, the width does take a bit of getting used to, you do find yourself rocking from edge to edge trying to find that point - but once you've got it, you do get a lot of edge and you can get a good carve in. It's surprisingly playful as well - I found that taking it off small side hits and the odd jib it's quite nice, but it doesn't have too much pop. The main reason you'd buy it would be for powder days - which we were lucky enough to have here. It was quite nice vis this morning so we got it on some open faces, and it is an absolute delight in the deep stuff." - Sam McMahon






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