• Völkl XBreed Stats:
  • PRICE: £370
  • FLEX: 6
  • SIZES:150, 153, 156, 159
  • PROFILE: Hybrid Camber
  • SHAPE: True Twin

The Völkl XBreed is definitely one for high-end freestyle. The combination of speed, pop and weight (or rather lack of it) will see it safely over the longest tabletops, and the nastiest knuckles. It’s all achieved with a combination of clever design and top-quality materials.

Some boards put carbon from the inserts to the ‘shoulders’ of the board to increase response, while others lay it from end to end to aid pop. The Völkl XBreed has both, so as long as you’re prepared to work for it you’ll get both in spades.

Furthermore, everything aspect of the XBreed is designed to keep weight to a minimum. The topsheet is wafer-thin, the ends have been made slimmer, and the blunt ends mean you can ride a smaller (and therefore lighter) size. As soon as you initiate a spin, you’ll feel it all coming together, getting you closer than ever to that extra 180. Of course, epic take-offs aren’t much cop if it can’t handle the landings. The Völkl XBreed has denser fibreglass around the bindings, as well as a strategically-placed wood core.

All in all, this is a formidable freestyle weapon - and thanks to the grippy topsheet, it’s even ideal for one-footed tricks.

Sam McMahon

Tester's Verdict

Sam McMahon - whitelines.com

“If you’re going to mix camber and rocker together, I always think that this is the best way to do it: camber under your feet for control and twin rockers at the tip and tail for just a little more forgiveness and a bit of float in pow.

Couple that with a pretty stiff flex and you’ve got yourself a board that’s great for both big park kickers and backcountry freestyle.

It feels very stable, but at lower speeds it’s surprisingly playful for the odd jib or butter, though where it stands out is most definitely tuned for the seasonnaire rider that spends most of his time on the bigger snowpark features, but wants to venture out and get properly gnarly once the snow comes, off drops, windlips and handmade booters."

"A board that’s great for both big park kickers and backcountry freestyle"