• Völkl Pace Stats:
  • PRICE: £440
  • FLEX: 8
  • SIZES:157, 163, 169W
  • PROFILE: Camber
  • SHAPE: Directional

Do you like carving? We mean really like it, where the feeling of setting an edge and throwing your weight over the nose is one for which you’d seriously consider selling a kidney? If so, then the Volkl Pace was designed with you in mind.

As its flex rating, profile, shape and name make clear, this is at its best when ridden fast. While perhaps not as versatile as its short-and-stubby contemporaries, this one isn’t bothered about any of that. Forget switch riding, and forget side hits - everything about it screams ‘route one’.

Despite being a bit of a battleship, it has a tapered core that makes it flexible enough in the waist to really crank your turns, and make quicker edge changes than its size and width might suggest. Once you’ve found your rhythm, the graphite-enhanced sintered base will ensure you leave everyone else in your wake.

Of course, you can also take this to the powder, where its long pointed nose and shaped tail will help to keep you afloat. To make the most of it, head for steep open faces rather than tree runs. It’ll want to go as fast as possible, so do it - and yourself - a favour and indulge it.

Tester's Verdict

Tom Copsey - onboardmag.com

“This looks like a pow gun but actually leans more towards an all-mountain rocket with a specific affinity for blasting hardpack. I took it out in pow nonetheless, and it performed admirably.

Racing down the piste is where it revealed its strengths - lightweight, poppy and lively with superb carvy edge hold. It's not for slouches, though; you need to put in the work for it to really perform. Once in pow it floated well and dealt with the occasional chop, and though the nose doesn't rise as much as the shape suggests, it never threatened to submarine and the vampire swallow kicked up the roosters.

This one would be the perfect match for speed demons who love getting low on piste and gunning steep pow lines where you need power."

"Racing down the piste is where it revealed its strengths - lightweight, poppy and lively with superb carvy edge hold."