The Details:

Lane joined Smokin’ back in 2010, and it wasn’t long before he was given his own pro model. Since then he’s not only been designing his boards but building them too, working in the factory when he’s not on the hill.

The Smokin' Lane Knaack is a true twin freestyle stick, with a mostly camber profile that flattens out between the feet. Expect top edge hold and plenty of stability, regardless of which direction you’re facing.

As always it’s a mid-wide board, so will suit those with larger than average feet. Smaller-hoofed riders may need to put more into edge changes, but the extra float in powder and stability at speed should compensate nicely. Plus the wider waist means you can really get low in the carves and let the wavy Magne-Traction edges do their thing.

There’s hemp in the core which, as well as having great dampening, is more eco-friendly than synthetic additives. The core also has an extra layer of glass that toughens the board up – so much so that it comes with a three-year warranty.

Despite all that, it’s got a medium flex that’s ideal for full laps of California’s super parks.


“If you think that board design peaked in the early 2000s then this might be a great one for you – it gives a slight nod to more modern tech, with Smokin’s own take on Magne-Traction and a slightly combo-ed profile, but underneath this thing is a powerhouse.

It was a bit too stiff, but had more than enough stability to plough through shlushy chop and crud.

It felt a bit wider underfoot that your average snowboard, so for guys with big feet like me it’s great for cranking out turns. Ultimately, however, it felt too much like a plank for my liking."

"Expect top edge hold and plenty of stability, regardless of which direction you’re facing"