The Details:

“This is the one I’ve always dreamed of" says Josh Dirksen about the Salomon Super8. Quite an endorsement; so what is it that makes this new model so good?

Apparently it’s been inspired by both Dirksen and Wolle Nyvelt; and while those two have very different styles, both are catered for in this stick.

Given its extra width it can be ridden shorter than your normal board, so fits right into Wolle’s quiver alongside his Äsmo creations. At the same time it’s perfect for carving and launching massive airs, so ticks Josh’s boxes too.

The setback camber profile means you’ll mostly be limited to your normal stance, but the trade-off is worth it if you like crazy levels of control and pop. Rubber pads inserted at key points along the sidewall help to dampen chatter, leaving you with no excuse for not ripping this thing down the hill as fast as you dare. That said, you’ll also have a blast when putting down short, surfy turns in the powder too.

Time will tell if the general snowboarding public like it as much as Dirksen, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it they did.

Darren copy

“This board has a surfy style aimed at the rider that enjoys powder slashes and laying down clean edge marks on corduroy groomers.

The Super8 transfers the control and power to your rear foot, giving a loose and playful but stable feel. A great all-round cruiser that’s also awesome in the pow, the Super8 is all about having fun and using the whole mountain as your personal play park.

A chilled out funstick for the masses."

"The Super8 is all about having fun and using the whole mountain as your personal play park"