UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2017/2018 Salomon Gypsy here

  • Price: £340
  • Sizes: 142, 146, 149, 153
  • Flex: 5
  • Profile: Hybrid Camber
  • Shape: True Twin

Last winter Salomon added carbon stringers to the core, which channel all the energy from your ollies into the nose and tail of the board. This takes the good pop that comes from the combination of mostly-camber profile and a core of varying thickness, and makes it great.

"Thrash the metal in the streets one day, then hit the pipe the next"

Looking more closely at that profile, it’s flat between the feet, only becoming a true camber bend once you get to the inserts. This gives you all plenty of edge hold, but with a little more stability than normal. This profile also requires less effort to get a good ollie, which you will with help from that carbon.


When you get your edge engaged nicely, it’s a combination of straight lines and curves that makes it so effective. Not that’ll spend all day carving on the Salomon Gypsy, but it’s good to know that your run-in to the kicker will always be smooth and controlled. Thanks to the rapid-as-hell sintered base, this is definitely packing enough speed to get past the knuckle, even on Olympic-sized booters.

On rails, too, this board can handle itself. The profile is less risky than full camber, but not as loose as reverse camber. The rocker sections will help you dial in your 5-0s, and the core is strong enough to take impacts whilst still being nice and light. The edges are pre-bevelled, so it’s ready for action right out of the wrapper.

The Salomon Gypsy is definitely one for freestyle junkies who don’t shy away from any part of that side of snowboarding. Thrash the metal in the streets one day, then hit the pipe the next. This true twin weapon can’t fail to deepen your trick bag.


Tester's Verdict

Hannah Bailey

The Gypsy is an all-time favourite of ladies who shred, and I too have always enjoyed riding this board. It doesn’t try to be too fancy, but feels like it’s had a heap of input from female riders who know what’s up, literally.

"The profile and true twin shape make it ideal for those with freestyle on the mind"

The profile and true twin shape make it ideal for those with freestyle on the mind, and the extra-poppy core and detuned edges really help you make the most of it in the park.

You can get this board as small as a 138, and up to a 151, but it’s a good idea not to get one that’s too big as it’s just asking to be spun and flung around! Although it says it’s an intermediate board, I think this is the board that can be ridden by beginners to pro without changing a thing. The only change would be your improved skills thanks, to your new friend the Gypsy!

Trade Secrets

Desiree Melancon - Team Rider, Salomon

The type of riding I like to do is a little bit of everything. I grew up riding park and wanted something soft, then I kept getting stronger and riding more freestyle terrain so I needed something more responsive.

The Gypsy is the board that can keep up with my riding and go wherever I am taking it. The board’s Rock Out Camber and flex lets me move, press, and go with the flow, but the EQ Rad sidecut keeps the board responsive and reacting to my movements.