When attempting to make the ultimate all-mountain snowboard, one thing a company could do is take certain elements from its well-received powder and park sticks and strike a balance between the two. That’s what Salomon have essentially done with the Salomon Assassin, and they call it their quiver killer.

The profile certainly covers all bases; it has the same blend of camber and flat as the freestyle-friendly Sabotage, but with rocker sections at each end that make it even better for butters and presses. The sidecut takes Salomon’s ‘Equalizer’ design of straight lines and mixes it with the traditional radial style, meaning it’ll rip hard when you need it to and can ease off when you don’t.

It’s got decent eco credentials as well, with natural materials substituting for synthetics wherever possible. The ‘Popster Booster’ carbon rods have been swapped out for bamboo alternatives as well, so you still get the performance but at less of a cost to the environment. Cork is used for dampening at the sidewalls, replacing the rubber found on other models.

The result has found favour with Wolle Nyvelt, who uses this whenever he’s not riding without bindings on his Äsmos. If you want to hedge your bets as to what the conditions might be like on your upcoming trip, the Salomon Assassin is worth a look.


“The best compliment I can pay this board is that it’s the modern Burton Custom – a true go-anywhere, do-anything board. The camber between the feet gives it a very classic, lively feel in turns but it isn’t too stiff; Salomon have worked hard on their flex and this board has a beautiful temperament.

There’s a really noticeable lift in powder; I rode the 158, which would be at the smaller end of my board spectrum, but it floated like something in the 160 plus realm thanks to the rocker sections.

Pedigree freestylers might notice a slight lack of pop, but this is still a serious contender if you’re looking for one board that can hold its own anywhere on the mountain."

:Salomon have worked hard on their flex and this board has a beautiful temperament"