The Details:

Mervin Manufacturing first started making Roxy snowboards after Quiksilver bought them, but even after being sold on in 2013 they’re still making decks with the famous heart logo. It’s an arrangement that seems to work well, with many a quality female-specific stick still being hand-made in the north-western United States.

The Roxy XOXO shares a lot on common with Torah Bright’s signature board – and indeed was designed with her input – but is meant for less aggressive riding. It has the softest core that Roxy make, so file this under jib stick rather than charger.

That being said, our testers found that it held up surprisingly well at high speeds. None of that Mervin goodness has been passed up, with the XOXO making full use of Magne-traction technology on its edges. The wavy bend of the metal means more contact points, and therefore more grip in the turns, and the wave is slightly mellower at each end to make entering and exiting turns easier than ever.

The profile is another Washington State standard; with rocker in the middle and camber underneath the feet, it’s pressable and floaty in powder but can grip and carve when you want it to.

The slight asymmetrical shape is another bonus, making heelside turns easier to control whichever way you point it.


“For me, this is the best choice for a go-anywhere, do anything board.

It's soft enough to be a fun freestyle board, yet definitely stiff enough for you to charge the mountain at speed and even shred some lines off piste.

The twin asymmetrical shape and Magne-traction edges work really well together, meaning that you can hoon your turns round whilst still keeping an edge in any snow conditions."

"It's soft enough to be a fun freestyle board, yet definitely stiff enough for you to charge the mountain at speed"