The Details:

The Helix is a new one for Ride, and replaces their perennially popular freestyle twin, the DH. It might seem daft to retire such a well-loved board, but hold your judgement until you see what’s taking over. The first thing you’ll notice is the odd-looking extremities. These won’t feel that different to riding a normal board, but they do reinfore the asymmetrical nature of the Ride Helix.

The radius of the heel edge sidecut is not the same as that on the toe, meaning that the turn size won’t be either. This, argues Ride, makes sense because your body applies different forces to the board depending on whether it’s through the heels or toes. So you’ll get great control in your turns, especially when you factor in the traditional camber that dominates the profile. Rocker sections appear once you reach the end of the sidecuts, making presses easy and improving float in deep snow. Elsewhere it’s got carbon in the core and Ride’s urethane Slimewalls, not to mention a sintered base that make it quicker than the average park stick. If you liked the DH, or if you’re a fan of true twin freestyle boards in general, then this will fit the bill.

The Review:

"Initially this board looks odd, but I soon grew to love its quirkiness. It carves and grips like very few others: I guess this is due in part to the asymmetrical side cut. Not once did it give way on the hardpack, Even when I cranked in the turns. With the Helix, Ride has hit the jackpot; fast, playful, great edge hold, great graphics and technologies that really make a difference - one of my best boards for 2014/15. The only problem is you have to be careful when you stand it up outside the bar!" - Chris Sturgess

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