• Price: £410 / €480
  • Sizes: 151, 154, 156, 159
  • Flex: 5
  • Profile: Camber
  • Shape: True Twin

As the brand’s co-founder, Halldor Helgason is an obvious choice for a pro model with Lobster Snowboards.

The Lobster Halldor Pro is already a firm favourite among fun-loving park riders, and this year it’s available in two different versions.

This here is the symmetrical version, which joins the existing asym board in the line-up. The Triple Base Technology (aka 3BT) pioneered by Bataleon Snowboards is still present and correct here, tweaked with freestyle in mind.

The side sections of base are the same width as the centrebase, with medium uplift towards the nose and tail and a solid, stable flat section between the feet.

This combination makes the Lobster Halldor Pro more than suitable for mini-shred and the XL line alike.

When speed is needed, the sintered base has your back, and is also built to be extra tough to endure whatever gap-to-rail you feel like stepping to.

"The Lobster Halldor Pro is more than suitable for mini-shred and the XL line alike"

The core is also strengthened with bamboo along the edges, which gives it a fighting chance against impacts, and improves the overall ride too. Under each foot lie three carbon stringers that run from edge to edge, increasing response time during high-speed turns without overly stiffening up the board as a whole.

"The Lobster Halldor Pro is already a firm favourite among fun-loving park riders"

New this year is ‘SideKick’ technology, which is a subtle tweak to the 3BT at the widest points of the snowboard. The uplift is increased further still, which improves the board’s float in the pow as well as its smoothness on the piste. They say it improves the board’s performance in choppy waters too, so should you hit some crud the Lobster Halldor Pro will see you through.

Halldor’s killed off the loud colours of the past few years to go all monochrome for 2017/18. It’s a good look, and you can complete the setup with one of our favourite bindings of the year, the Switchback Halldor Pro.

If park is your focus and you’re looking for a quality build that can meet the needs of one of the most demanding riders on the planet, the Lobster Halldor Pro is worth a look.


Tester's Verdict

Michael Read - snowfit.co.uk

“The Halldor Pro is a serious park board, totally on the other end of the scale from his brother’s pro model. Super stable for charging and ripping around the piste, this board can power through pretty much anything.

"I found this to be one of the better park boards to carve on"

I also found this to be one of the better park boards to carve on, if not necessarily the best for buttering and having a ‘mess around’ on.

Personally I don’t feel this board suited my riding style which is quite loose and surfy - it really needed someone to grab it by the bindings and show it who’s boss. I know a few guys that have ridden this board and the ones that have really enjoyed are powerful and dynamic riders, so if that's you then this is definitely a board to consider.

Put in the effort and it will definitely give you the performance you need to slay the entire mountain."

Trade Secrets

Halldor Helgason - Co-owner, Lobster

"I’m really really pumped on it! It’s been working really well this year."