• Lib Tech Skunk Ape Stats:
  • PRICE: £480
  • FLEX: 6
  • SIZES: 157W, 161W, 165W, 169W, 170UW, 172W
  • PROFILE: Combo
  • SHAPE: Directional Twin

This one’s for the big guys - the Lib Tech Skunk Ape is a beast of a board, designed for those who need more of a platform than the average rider. Sizes go all the way up to 172cm, including an ‘Ultra Wide’ version at 170cm with a colossal 28.5cm waist width.

It’s no specialist stick, but larger riders shouldn’t feel short-changed by that. It’s been designed to allow the Hagrids of the snowboard world to tear up everything in sight, from the park to the pow. If it’s an all-rounder you want, this slightly setback, mid-stiff number ticks all the boxes. The profile is the same as you’ll find on Travis Rice’s pro model - a rocker section between the feet, with less prominent camber sections starting underneath the feet and reaching out towards the nose and tail.

The Lib Tech Skunk Ape also features the brand’s ‘Horsepower’ construction, built to be both tough and light but not too pricey. It’s still not the cheapest, but worth every penny for the big-footed rider who is fed up of skimming their toes in the snow every time they crank the carves.

Tester's Verdict

Andrew Duthie - whitelines.com

“I guess I’m in the target demographic for the Skunk Ape, but I’d need more than just an afternoon on it to really see if it makes sense to pick up a super-wide stick like this.

A big plus is that you really don’t get any drag, and that’s something that’s always worth shouting about. You can be a bit more carefree when blasting around from your heels to your toes, even in slush. Edge changes aren’t as quick, for obvious reasons, so that’s something that requires getting used to.

It’s also a lot of board to have under your feet, so it’s as stable as you could hope for at high speeds. However, even with the combo profile it’s tricky to mess around with at slower speeds.

Anyone wanting something fun should look at short-and-fat models, of which there are plenty these days, but those more interested in pointing and shooting should go for this instead."

"A big plus is that you really don’t get any drag, and that’s something that’s always worth shouting about."