• Price: £630 / €700
  • Sizes: 159
  • Flex: 7
  • Profile: Hybrid Camber
  • Shape: Directional Twin

There are a few surfer collabs out there, but Lib Tech’s partnership with legendary shaper Matt “Mayhem" Biolos takes some beating.

He’s designed some head-turning models recently, such as last year’s Round Nose Fish, that have naturally been targeted at pow-riding. For 2017/18, he’s also put together a twin version for those who want to scratch their freestyle itch.

Despite the name, The Lib Tech x Lost Twin Rocket isn’t a true twin; it’s actually got a slight taper, and is set back an inch.

Compare it to the original Rocket, however, and you’ll see a drastic difference. Despite being 1.5cm longer, the length of board that makes content with the snow is 15cm shorter.

That’s because the tail is an entirely different beast, built to make switch riding and side hit spins a whole lot more appealing.

"Despite the name, The Lib Tech x Lost Twin Rocket isn’t a true twin"

The profile is what Lib call ‘C3’ - camber with minimal rocker at the waist - but for all intents and purposes it rides like a classic camber board, perfect for slicing up the hard pack and popping off features. While boards with more pronounced rocker sections can take some of the effort out of riding pow, the tapered outline on this one does a lot to assist you in the deep stuff.

"With lightweight ‘Horsepower’ construction also found in the pro models of Travis Rice and Eric Jackson, it’s begging to be sent skywards"

The fairly hefty waist helps in that department too, giving you more surface area on which to skim across the powder (an ominous 666 square inches, to be precise…). It may have ‘Rocket’ in the name, but for the love of God don’t just point this one. With lightweight ‘Horsepower’ construction also found in the pro models of Travis Rice and Eric Jackson, it’s begging to be sent skywards.

It’s only available in one size, which is bound to leave some riders disappointed, but if you’re lucky enough to be compatible with the Lib Tech x Lost Twin Rocket, it’s well worth a spin.


Tester's Verdict

Andrew Duthie - whitelines.com

“If you want something that rides well on groomers but is geared more towards freestyle than some of the directional missiles out there, this would be the one - it’s a truly exceptional board.

"Everything about this board feels well balanced"

The essentially-camber profile packs plenty of pop - this is definitely a side-hit weapon - and it holds an edge incredibly well despite the absence of Lib’s Magne-Traction. The waist width suits me down to the ground, and while it’s not that small it’s certainly nimble. Everything about it feels well balanced.

This Lost collab is obviously more versatile than the Jamie Lynn one, and after riding them back-to-back I definitely preferred the Twin Rocket.

In fact, out of all the Lib Techs I’ve tested over the years, this one is the best."

Trade Secrets

Trevor Phillips - Director, Lib Tech

"Legendary surf shaper ‘Mayhem’ Matt Biolos is familiar with board shapes typically following a directional pattern. In an evolution of his freeride pow machine, Matt caters to a new cruiser.

Introducing the Lib x Lost Mayhem Twin Rocket. The originally mild tapered rocket got a swift lift and kick on the tail, opening the doors to freestyle riding. While it’s guaranteed good vibes on any day, bring some more flow to the pow lines or the park laps.

Resin work by Son of Cobra, handcrafted by Mervin Manufacturing."