• Price: £432 / €480
  • Lengths: 147, 151, 154, 157
  • Flex: 5.5-6 (depending on length)
  • Profile: Rocker
  • Shape: True Twin

Perhaps you’ve already taken a look at the Lib Tech Box Knife. This one, the Lib Tech Box Scratcher, is a companion piece that’s more aimed at messing around and getting creative.

This one boasts the same rocker profile as the famous Lib Tech Skate Banana, and roughly the same flex, so you know that it’s a pressing, buttering machine. Shift your weight to the nose or tail, and the other end lifts up with ease - something that’s pretty useful in deep powder too.

"Turn initiation feels as smooth as you like"

Wavy Magne-Traction edges make up for the relative lack of purchase on the groomers, giving you extra bite that intensifies the closer you get to the boards waist. This means that turn initiation feels as smooth as you like, with only minimal disruption to the edge at that stage.

Unlike the Skate Banana, the Lib Tech Box Scratcher has a sintered base, so it has the edge when you want to go a bit faster. It’s no speed demon in other respects, so you may want to keep things mellow, but you’ll also feel the benefit when gliding across the pow.

Once again the artwork for the Lib Tech Box Scratcher comes courtesy of Jesse’s wife Pika, and by keeping it in the family Lib Tech have crafted a winning fun-stick.


Tester's Verdict

Jon Bird - ldmountaincentre.com

“The Lib Tech Box Scratcher is designed with the park in mind, and is packed full of Mervin DNA after more than two decades of development.

"The Box Scratcher turns everything into a jib and every rider into a jib rat"

The Box Scratcher turns everything into a jib and every rider into a jib rat - it’ll jib, bonk or butter anything you fancy steezing it out on, and if you want to make the whole mountain your park the Box Scratcher is the board for you - versatile, fun and progressive."