• K2 Turbo Dream
  • PRICE: £450
  • FLEX: 7
  • SIZES: 153, 156, 157W, 159, 160W, 162, 164W, 167W
  • PROFILE: Flat
  • SHAPE: Directional Twin

K2 may be pushing the boat out with their newest models – the CarveAir, Cool Bean and, to a lesser extent, the Joy Driver – but if you’re after a more conventional all-terrain vehicle then they’ve got that covered too. The K2 Turbo Dream has been the brand’s one-board solution for a few years now, and returns for 2015/16.

Like most K2 sticks it’s got a predominantly flat base, although the rocker section towards the nose begins slightly sooner and rises for longer towards the tip.

It’ll ride just fine in either stance, but you’ll notice a slight improvement in performance when you’re the standard way round. In powder, for example, there’ll be a little extra float, and you get more stability when charging piste too.

Could you handle freestyle on this too? Certainly, although it’s one for bigger natural hits rather than jibbing and buttering. The mid-stiff flex and flat base mean that nothing’s fully off the table, but getting this up to speed is the way to make the most of it.

Thanks to the carbon web it’s responsive enough to allow for super-quick adjustments, while the lack of any catchy contact points provides extra piece of mind when you’re melting it down.

Those in the market for something stable yet forgiving might find what they’re looking for here.

Tester's Verdict

Adam Hoskins - blisssnowboards.co.uk

The K2 Turbo Dream is an all-mountain board with a secret weapon – its performance in powder.

It carves really well on groomers and is very stable on an edge, which is surprising for a board with no camber. You could easily set your top speed on it if you straight-line the piste, and you’ll feel stable in the process.

The shape and profile work really well in soft snow, and have virtually eliminated the risk of sinking the nose.

If you struggle to ride power on your old camber all-mountain board, then getting on the Turbo Dream will be a revelation. "

"The shape and profile work really well in soft snow, and have virtually eliminated the risk of sinking the nose"