The Details:

Could Jones be the biggest rider-owned-company success story in recent memory? Big-mountain Jeremy’s brand certainly has an impressive range and a world-class team, and only seems to get better every year. It gets top marks for honesty too, especially where the Jones Carbon Solution Split is concerned. Some brands have been guilty of claiming that even their top-of-the-range sticks can be enjoyed by the average Joe, but Jones has come right out and said that this premium splitboard is only for those who are serious about the backcountry.

You’d have to be to part with a cool grand, but what you get for that is pretty special. Even though it’s uber-stiff, the carbon construction (both in the topsheet and stringers) has kept the weight down while dampening the ride at the same time. A full half-kilo has been taken out of the core in this season’s version, making it among the lightest splits around. The ‘Directional Rocker’ profile is basically a set-back version of normal camber, with small rocker sections at the contact points that Jezza claims can eliminate a lot of the common causes of big backcountry slams. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to pow, and if you do too then you should check this one out.

The Review:

“This is probably the stiffest splitboard I've ever ridden. You definitely can't be too casual and need to work to make it turn, but you get out what you put in and it did carve like a dream once I got used to it. It’s amazingly stable at speed; I'd be happy to do the Flying K on this board. The shape is perfect for all conditions, although it’s not really playful enough to jib about with in powder. This is a board for anyone who loves riding big open powder fields at Mach 10." - James Stentiford





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